“Bisexual Erasure in the ‘W’ House” presentation at URI 4/1

Bisexual Erasure in the “W” House: A psychosexual inquiry and analysis

Wikipedia defines “bisexual erasure” as “the tendency to ignore, remove, falsify, or re-explain evidence of bisexuality in the historical record, academic materials, the news media, and other primary sources.” This psychosexual inquiry and analysis will consider the possibility of bisexual erasure in the case of the 43rd POTUSA.

The presentation will include unique research into GWB’s actual psychosexual background and provide psychological insight as to the likelihood of extensive bisexual experience in the early (if not later) life of George W Bush.

In acknowledging his bisexuality, we will consider the possibility of bisexual erasure in the complicit silence that has characterized the mainstream and GLBT media’s coverage of the matter. A Powerpoint presentation will illustrate the narrative, which will be followed by guided discussion.

Wednesday, April 1, 12:30 p.m.
Gallanti Lounge, URI Library 3rd Floor, Kingston, RI 02881
Phone: 401-874-2894

15th Annual URI Symposium on GLBTIQQ Issues
March 30 – April 3, 2009

The University of Rhode Island’s Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Center proudly presents the 15th Annual Symposium on GLBTIQQ Issues from March 30th through April 3rd, 2009. Following a tradition set by our event planners for 15 years, the Symposium will feature writers, community activists, educators, films, and exhibits that focus upon and celebrate GLBTIQQ people and concerns.
All Symposium programs will be held at the Kingston Campus and remain free and open to the public.

URI’s GLBTIQQ Symposium has been an annual highlight for the URI campus as well as for GLBTIQQ communities throughout Rhode Island and the Northeast. The programs included are highly interactive and afford many opportunities for discussion, networking, and socializing. Topics will cover a broad range to include racial, gender, and sexual identities, marriage equality, gays in the
military, spirituality, women’s history, health issues, coming out, and more. Of special note are a first of its kind exhibit and lecture about black gay men in Rhode Island, and an evening with poet, performer, and activist Staceyann Chin whose forthcoming Simon and Schuster release “The Other Side of
Paradise” is her memoir of growing up Chinese, black, and gay in Jamaica. The complete program schedule is available at www.uri.edu/glbt/symposium/2009/