“Bisexual Erasure in the ‘W’ House”

Today’s presentation at the University of Rhode Island GLBTIQ Symposium, “Bisexual Erasure in the “W” House: A psychosexual inquiry and analysis” went well overall and was received positively.

For the Symposium program notes, go here.

UrbanDictionary definitions for "Bi-dar"

In analyzing and now discussing GW Bush’s bisexuality, I’ve come to realize how very humorous the matter is, and so there were plenty of opportunities for funny observations, even though the subject was pursued quite earnestly.

There was a scheduling error and tech issues to work out, but finally we got underway and the Goodle-doc presentation worked reasonably smoothly. There was no time, however, to set up the videocam.

I promise to offer something in a narrated video format before year end. Thanks to everyone for your support in listening to my rants about this story for years as if it were the most damned important thing in the world — and for challenging my assumptions and insights about all of the whole putrid affair.

Happy happy April Fools Day!