needs education in bi male sexuality needs education in bi male sexuality

Is ignorance about bisexuality in fashion (again), or what? This featured piece about bi men (“Op-Ed: Can Guys Actually Be Bisexual?”) seems based on the premise that it’s clever and fashionable to go around repeating bitchy lies, myths, and fairytales about bi men without doing the teeny-tiniest smidgeon of research into the subject.

What comes across is that the writer has zero or limited, furtive contact with bi men, and he wants to make a grand display of his ignorance about bisexual men, closeted married guys, in particular, and to vent his frustration that good-looking married men won’t leave their wifes and lives for him. (I assume the oped writer is male.)

Even still, is it too much to ask the oped writer to do any sort of actual research into the topic before writing the piece? And to learn “its” from “it’s”?

A search on Amazon for a book on the topic of bisexuality certainly would have led him to discover a very informative and funny book, which won a Lammy in Bisexuality (yes,, there is a BISEXUAL LITERATURE) which I cannot recommend enough.

The Bisexual’s Guide to the Universe: Quips, Tips, and Lists for Those Who Go Both Ways

But is it really too much work for him to read a single book or interview at least one authority on bisexuality like Mike Szymanski on the topic?

And the mysogyny and gynophobia in this statement is really pathetic:

> do they really enjoy eating pussy (ooh, I think I just puked in my mouth a bit) and having sex with women, too?

Whoever wrote that needs an education. And counseling. And a good hard spanking.

I wonder why is having people who know squat about sexuality, who say hateful things about women, write their op-ed pieces?

I don’t know what they’re paying that guy, but I know at least one unemployed columnist who can do a whole lot better for probably the same amount. Does it reallly cost much more to pay people with brains and a heart to write their oped pieces?