Obama: Free the Gays!

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Obama: Free the Gays!

Dear President Obama,

According to reputable GLBTIQ historians, President Abraham Lincoln had a male companion, Joshua Speed, with whom he shared a bed for several years. Doubtless this extended male contact informed Lincoln’s understanding of the essential humanity of those persons whose only shame is to be the object of their oppressor’s scorn, repulsion, and hatred.

Obama, Free the Gays!
The gays were for Obama, but is Obama for them?

You so greatly honored Lincoln during your inauguration by taking your oath holding his Bible. As the first black President of the USA, you can repay the favor for Lincoln’s abolition of slavery of African Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities, by enacting a nondiscrimination bill that would protect gender and sexual minorities and grant them equal and full status as American taxpayers?

President Obama, like your predecessor Lincoln, you are in a unique position to liberate millions of GLBTIQ citizens from centuries of needless hatred.

Obama rainbow
Obama doubletalk: Yes you can / No you can't

You understand the exploitation and oppression of gay lesbian bisexual transgender intersex queer questioning and all sexual minorities.

You can lead on civil rights and equality by framing the national debate to recognize that individuals’ sexual autonomy and security is part of their inalienable human rights.

You can affirm that the social benefits of government presently denied to GLBTIQ people and their families should be extended to all regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

You can issue a statement that will affirm the essential civil liberties and human rights of gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, intersex, and queer citizens and the millions of their family members.

I petition you to create a new civil rights act protecting gender and sexual minorities that goes beyond the repeal of DOMA and DADT, or a Transgenderqueer and Intersex inclusive ENDA.

Please, President Obama, free the gays. You can do it. Yes, you can!

yours sincerely,

Ron J. Suresha

New London, CT