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Bear Soup #53 tonight

Bear Soup podcast, episode #53, will stream on tonight, Monday, September 14th, at 10:00pm Eastern & Pacific; repeats Wednesday, same times.

This week:

Ahmet Yildiz
Ahmet Yildiz, Turkish bear activist, murdered in "honor" killing
Ahmet's partner at the side of his coffin
  • Special report on Turkish bear activist, Ahmet Yıldız, who was shot as an “honor killing,” with part of an article from the Independent; audio from a memorial video by bears, Ahmet Yıldız is my family; breaking news this week about Ahmet’s accused killer, his father; and a comment on homophobia and closeted homosexuality in fundamentalist Muslim cultures.
  • ahmet_yildiz-thumb-550x778-1188In the Lit-Bear-ary Corner: reading of a selection on Bear subculture from Faeries, Bears, and Leathermen: Men in Community Queering the Masculine
    by Peter Hennen (University of Chicago, 2008). Hennen is asst professor of psychology the Ohio State University at Newark.
  • Ben & Jerry’s changes flavor name to “Hubby Hubby” in honor of Vermont same-sex marriage. But what about the womyn?
  • Fake Jellybean “Manly Flavors” from
  • Shoutouts!

The rubber duckies are bobbling in the hot tub bubbles, so grab a towel, and drop in for a brand new BEAR SOUP!

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