Bear Soup #57: Roma, Alvarez on Musclebears, Polarbear news

Bear Soup, with Ron SureshaBear Soup #57

Bear Soup, episode #57, streams online tonight, Monday, November 9th, at 10:00pm Eastern & Pacific on Repeats Wednesday, same times. Bubbling up in the Bear Soup tub this week:

  1. The Ice Cream BearsWhen in Roma, do as the Orsi do . . . highlights of our holiday in Roma with friends from, & al; gladiators at the Forum; the Ice Cream Bears
  2. Audio from Warbear, “21st Century Schizoid Bear”
  3. A reading from the chapter on Musclebears in Muscle Boys: Gay Gym Culture, by Erick Alvarez
  4. More problems for endangered (4-legged) Polar bears — please support WWF and Natural Resources Defence Council
  5. Shoutouts, announcements, and the usual bear puns and furry audio folderol.

There’s room in the tub for everybear, everycub, whatever, whomever . . . so just drop in for a brand new BEAR SOUP!

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