Bear Soup #58: “Faeries & Bears”; Ahmet Yıldız update; Smokey @ 65; More Bad News [for] Bears

Bear Soup, with Ron SureshaBear Soup #58

Bear Soup, episode #58, streams online tonight (finally!), Monday, November 3oth, at 10:00pm Eastern & Pacific on Repeats Wednesday, same times. The Bear Soup hot tub is jammed this week:

  1. Breaking news on Ahmet Yıldız from the NY Times, Nov. 25
  2. Audio highlights of “Faeries and Bears: homomasculinity and homofeminism,” a talk I gave at the Mitchell College (New London, CT) Human Sexuality lecture series
  3. Smokey Bear turned 65 this year — and for an old bear, he’s still looking pretty woofy! As the birthday ads say, “Get your Smokey on!”
  4. More Bad News [for Polar and Sun] Bears
  5. New “Bear Soup” Facebook Page
  6. Go vote now for “Bear Soup” as Best Bear Podcast in The Complete Bear’s poll. Every day, early and often!
  7. Shoutouts, and the usual fur-bulous puns and miscellaneous audio hoohah.
    Get your Smokey on!
    Get your Smokey on!

We’re locked and loaded for Bear . . . so drop in for a brand new BEAR SOUP!

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