Bear Soup #65: The big bad bear porno show

Bear Soup, with Ron Suresha

Bear Soup podcast #65

The big bad bear porno show

Bear Soup podcast #65, streams online tonight, Monday, February 1st, at 10:00pm Eastern & Pacific on Repeats Wednesday, same times. In this steamy spicy NSFW bowl o’ Bear Soup:

  • “The Real Men of Gay Sex,” a section from Behold the Man: The Hype and Selling of Male Beauty in Media and Culture, by Edison Wayne Dotson
  • ChiChi LaRue’s bear porno vids from Channel One, and the bears that inhabit them, including “Barry Barrett” Barry Barrett
  • Shoutouts, and the usual audio woofenanny!

Do drop in for another bubbling and dee-lish serving of BEAR SOUP!

Bear Soup is sponsored by the bibliobears at Bear Bones Books.