Two books and my film cameo nominated for Gaybies

The Gaybies awards have tapped two books and a film I’m associated with, and I’d love for any fans out there to vote for them. I don’t think there’s any prize, actually, but in lieu of vast commercial profits, critical success will do. So vote as often as you like — and thanks!


To vote in the 2010 TLA Gaybie Awards, go to:

In the first category, Best Gay Musical or Comedy, select the very first image for Bear City, directed by Doug Langway, the feature-length romantic comedy that my husbear Rocco and I appeared in as extras (I also was included in the last shot of the official trailer).

TLA has had the DVD for a while. We haven’t seen it except in the theatre — we’re still waiting for our comp copies for being extras. (Any time soon, Doug?  ;-D}  )

Click to vote for Bear City in the Gaybies

Next, scroll 3/4ths down to the Best Erotic Fiction category, click to select Bears in the Wild, edited by R. Jackson, a new collection of Hot & Hairy fiction published last year by the Bear Bones Books imprint of Lethe Press, where I serve as acquisitions editor.

Bears in the Wild: Hot & Hairy Fiction, R. Jackson, editor
Click here to vote for Bears in the Wild in the Gaybies

Then, in the next category, Best Photo/Art Book, select the Bruno Gmuender book for which I wrote an Introduction, HAIR: Hairy Men in Gay Art

Click here to vote for HAIR in the Gaybies

“To love hair is human  . . .  to furr-give is divine”

(quoted in the Amazon review for the book)

Select the book cover image, and scroll down just a smidge more to hit the red VOTE! button.

Of course, you can vote for any of the other movies or books in the other categories as well.

Vote as often as you like, whenever you like (until March 31st) — and thanks so much!