Bear Soup podcast 3.0

Bear Soup podcast 3.0

Happy summertime, everyone! Bear Soup podcast went into hibernation in February while Husbear and I were doing the intrastate relocation.

So after five months on hiatus, I finally located the mic and plugged it back in to crank up the podcast, Bear Soup 3.0.

I call it 3.0 not because it’s significantly better than the earlier stuff – though it might be – but because it’s the first return following the second time it’s been on a long break.

Episode #89 ran a few weeks back, and featured a phone interview with Bear Like Me author Jonathan Cohen; an Ahmet Yildiz update; and part of a survey on bear attitudes that you might consider taking.

Episode #90 has a face-to-face interview with Doug Langway, director of Bear City, during Summer Bear Week in P’town; and a reading of Jeff Mann’s title story in his Lammy-winning fiction collection from BBB, A History of Barbed Wire.

BSP090 is running now on BearRadio at its regular times: Mondays & Wednesdays, 10:00 pm, Eastern / Pacific Times.

Stay tuned for more steamy servings of Bear Soup, brought to you by Bear Bones Books and

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