FURthcoming: FUR the love of hair

FURthcoming May 2012 from Bruno Gmünder: FUR the love of hair

A handsomely illustrated coffee-table homage to the erotic manly hirsute physique!


The Love of Hair

FUR the love of hair, cover square

“To love hair is human, to fur-give is divine.”
Continuing the bestselling line of gorgeously printed illustrated men’s pictorial books from Bruno Gmünder, FUR the love of hair further explores the manscape of the masculine hirsute male using dozens of iconic and original contemporary images exploring the endless delights of men’s hair.
These photographs and illustrations portray male body hair by the top names in the Bear art world, including many independent and lesser-known artists who are producing outstanding art that celebrates the masculine male form.
The beautiful and diverse artistic expression on display in the pages of FUR the love of hair represents a true global collaboration, with contributing artists from Japan, Australia, France, Peru, Italy, Argentina Mexico, Germany, Canada, and the United States.
Commentary, information, insight, and personal essays in both English and German, interspersed among the images, examine and celebrate various aspects of gay/bi/queer male fur as they are displayed on various parts, and the whole, of the body.
Fur is a visually captivating, innovative, and provocative coffee-table book that celebrates the worldwide cult of the hairy masculine man.

Contributors to FUR the Love of Hair include:

Exterface • Jack Fritscher • Colt Studios • Tom Bianchi • Mascular Studios

John Rand • Inked Kenny • Rolando Mérida • Gian Orso • D.Chooi Doodles

Pantheon Studios • Wuvable Oaf • Flaming Artist • Rob Clarke

BearFilms • Rafael Lopez • Sandrobear • Jonathan Gati • SF Bearhunter

Bear Picture Art • Gengorah Tagame • TJ Norris

The love of hair

Bruno Gmünder Verlag   •   Forthcoming May 1, 2012
Hardbound / softbound  •  256 pp.  •  8.25 x 11.5 inches
ISBN-10: 3-86787-242-2  •   ISBN-13: 978-3-86787-242-3
Categories: Gay Erotica / Art / Men’s Studies

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