Bear City 2 previews and premieres

As folks may recall, Rocco and I were extras in the feature-length romantic comedy Bear City – and I had a brief appearance at the very end of the trailer, and interviewed the director Doug Langway for Bear Soup podcast.

Last summer I took a few background strolls as an extra for the sequel, Bear City 2: The Proposal. Now, finally, the sneak peek previews and the premiere screenings for BC2 have been announced,

Here's an updated version of the Grrrr coming Ur way. We... on Twitpic

Here’s the trailer for BC2:

Since I’ll be in Provincetown manning a booth at Bear Market on Sunday, July 8th, 10am – 4pm, for

~ Bear Bones Books

~ Fur: The Love of Hair

~ Bear Nation DVDs

and reading for my new book, FUR: THE LOVE OF HAIR at the Porch Bar  on Saturday July 14th, 12 noon, while in Ptown, I’ll be helping promote the movie. Hope to see you at one of the showings!