Forthcoming: The Biggest Lover

Forthcoming March 2015 from Bear Bones Books:

The Biggest Lover

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We have all heard the term Rubenesque as a compliment for plus-sized women. The baroque painter Sir Peter Paul Rubens was fond of painting women of the day that were curvaceous and full-figured. The men in his art were not. What is the comparable term for men? Because not every gay man is obsessed with twinks who list the number of visible rib bones on their Grindr profile. Or men who can remember the number of reps at the gym but not their phone number. Some of us appreciate buying in bulk and that includes looking for love. Or just plain sex.  Thank goodness for Bear culture which embraces girth. During Bear Week in Provincetown the stores do not even bother to sell clothes smaller than an XL and a man’s virility is often like the potency of moonshine: the more Xs on the jug the better, so XXXL is a chub in high demand.

It has taken too long for an erotica anthology to feature such men. As Girth & Mirth founding father Reed Wilgoren stated, “Just as people are coming out every day—men and women realizing their sexuality—new Bears and new Chubbies and new chasers are also evolving in the world. There have to be people waiting to embrace them and show them the way, much as who helped me to become what I am and who I am today.” It is our hope that readers who felt denied of attention and affection will read these stories and realize that love has no weight limit, no threshold, and neither should self-esteem.


Why have some of us forever admired, celebrated, and fetishized big men, while modern fashion and other social forces have long stigmatized, even demonized, fatness? How, and why, do we associate bigness with masculinity and sexuality? Strength, comfort, softness, abundance?

THE BIGGEST LOVER: BIG-BONED EROTICA FOR CHUBS & CHASERS features 21 sexy, compelling stories of men’s chuberotica that examine and portray some of these big issues. This groundbreaking anthology is bursting with robust tales of fat love, lust, romance, friendship, and community, with noted authors Jeff Mann, Jack Fritscher, William Holden, and Dale Chase as well as fresh chuberotic voices, in a wide array of genres and styles. THE BIGGEST LOVER is certain to entertain, amuse, and thicken chubbies and chasers everywhere.



  • Furball | Hank Edwards
  • A Man of Substance | Dale Chase
  • What the Hell?! | Ben Bauchlein
  • The Last Gift | Jeff Mann
  • Bulk City Gym (Boys to Men, Men to Giants) | Jack Fritscher
  • Temet Nosce | John Genest
  • Rainy Day | Charles Ov Lyons
  • He’s Five-One, He’s Beautiful, and He’s Mine | Jay Neal
  • Filled | Tom Farley
  • Burning on the Edge of the World | Matthew Bright
  • Hustler’s Endgame | Landon Dixon
  • Golden Walrus | Jerry Rabushka
  • Dionysus Tamed | Jay Starre
  • Coming in the Night | Skye Eagleday
  • Heavy Set | Shane Allison
  • Tag Team | Larry Faulkner
  • The Nip Man | Daniel M. Jaffe
  • The Story Next Door | Karl Taggart
  • Moby Dick | William Holden
  • Indivisible | Dylan Thomas Good
  • A Slice of Pi | ‘Nathan Burgoine

THE BIGGEST LOVER promises to be a popular and groundbreaking collection of original sexy stories for big men and the guys who love them. Order the book from the publisher here:



  • R. Jackson, Editor
  • Bear Bones Books, March 2016
  • 6×9, 258 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-59021-545-6
  • Softcover $20, ebook $6.99