University of Rhode Island GLBTQ Symposium schedule

You are cordially invited to the 11th Annual University of Rhode Island
Symposium on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Issues from
March 30 – April 2, 2005.

Free and Open to the Public

Over the years we have attempted to develop a broadly inclusive public forum
to address a variety of topics that are of interest to students, activists
and academic researchers. Past presentations have ranged widely,
investigating social, sexual, racial, ethnic, political, artistic and historical
constructions of GLBTQ experiences. Individual presentations, panel discussions and
interactive workshops have included such topics as media and scientific
representations, the law, civil rights movements, campus climates, marriage,
coming out experiences, people of color, spirituality, empowerment, mental health
issues, age, homophobia and heterosexism, and insights from literature.
At-a-Glance Schedule
Wednesday, March 30, 2005
7:30pm Featured Speaker, Beverly Jenkins, Towards a More
Inclusive Movement: Exploring Intersections of Identity Politics, Ethnicity,
Socialization and Oppression (Multicultural Center)
Thursday, March 31, 2005
(Galanti Lounge – 3rd Floor of the University Library)
8:00am Registration Opens
9:00-9:55am Cruising, Queer Intimacy, and John Rechy’s City of
10:00-10:55am Being Transgendered in the Business World and the Community
11:00-11:55am “But I’m Not a Man!”: Social Issues of Identity in Transition
12:00 noon Lunch – on your own
1:00-1:55pm White Noise: Racism and Cultural Sensitivity of Gender Transition Protocols in Medicine and Mental Health
2:00-2:55pm Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Exploring the
Relationship between FTM Transpeople and the Health Care System
3:00-3:55pm Redefining the Nuclear Family: An Exploration of Homosexual Parenting
4:00-4:55pm The Infant of Prague Narrative: Structuring an
Acceptable Masculinity for and by Gay Catholic Boys
7:30pm Play, James Baldwin – Down From the Mountaintop
Panel discussion after the play (Edwards Auditorium)

Friday, April 1, 2005
(Galanti Lounge – 3rd Floor of the University Library)
9:00-9:55am The Crisis of Marriage in the Romantic Comedy of the 1990s
10:00-10:55am Coming Out in Midlife: Implications for Self and Others
11:00-11:55am Video: Diversity and Multiple Identities
12:00 noon Lunch – on your own
1:00-1:55pm Silence in Academia: Creating Safe Schools for GLBTQ College Students
2:00-2:55pm LGBTQ Youth: Participatory Research and Community Advocacy
3:00-3:55pm LGBTQ Civil Rights and the Importance of Marriage
4:00-4:55pm To Bi or Not to Bi: Reexamining Kinsey
7:00pm Featured Speaker, Felice Picano; RI Feminist Voices: A Chorus of Women; Providence Gay Men’s Chorus (Edwards Auditorium)
Reception to follow at the Multicultural Center

Saturday, April 2, 2005
(Galanti Lounge – 3rd Floor of the University Library)
9:00-9:55am Accessing the Best GLBTQ Healthcare You Can Find
10:00-10:55am Parents of Gays Speak Out in Support. Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
11:00-11:55am OUTspoken Playaz: What it is Like to be an LGBTQQ Youth Today
12:00 noon Lunch – on your own
1:30-3:30pm Expression of Ourselves: Being Queer or Straight
Allied in a Homophobic Culture Using Movement, Art, Writing, Music and Words
3:30-5:00pm Open Discussions
7:30 pm Open Mic (Multicultural Center)
9:00 pm Dance – Music by Alan Skiffington, Moondance Productions (Multicultural Center)

For a compete schedule of events please visit our website at or call for assistance at 401-874-2894.