Just finished Cleopatra’s Wedding Present, a travelogue by the late Robert Tewdwr Moss as background for the Nasruddin stories. Started reading Michael Cunningham’s new novel, Specimen Days. So far it hasn’t grabbed me by the balls.

No word yet from K&M Productions or from the man from GLAAD. I can’t locate an email or voicemail number direct for Liz Smith, but I will send something to and a hard copy by mail and we’ll see what happens.

Rocco has made a connection with a producer at WNPR in Hartford with the Faith Middleton Show. Faith is a proud lesbian, I’m told, who would take an interest in the story for several reasons.

I sent in a membership app to CAPA (Conn. Association of Publishers and Authors), who make booths at BB&B available to member. So next week I’ll call to see if I can get space on the pier. If they put me off or it’s past deadline, I’ll contact Slosberg, who’s said he’s solidly behind me.

I’m going to publish a second revised edition of my hot drink recipé collection, Mugs o’ Joy, in time for this event. More on this later. Meanwhile back to work.