Bear Soup # 49 / 50: Beariest Movies 2006; “CCBC”; Chris Nelson; Hibernation

Our nominations for the “Beariest Movies of 2006,” Jackass 2 and Borat; “CCBC,” a short story by Marc Anders from Ron’s new book of masculine bisexual literotica, Bi Guys: Firsthand Fiction for Bisexual Men. We note the sad and unexpected passing of Chris Nelson, the photographer/author of The Bear Cult. Happy 2nd anniversary and final episode of Bear Soup! Good luck to BearPodcast and bTalk on! Finally, we drain the Bear Soup hot tub and clean the filters. Now go home!

Bear Soup # 33: SF Chron on Bear Soup; Marc Jacobs: David Daniels

Ron reads the Sept. 2, 2006 article in the San Francisco Chronicle written by Wyatt Buchanan on the Hairrison Street Fair, “‘Bears’ come out to play at fair celebrating gay subculture” which mentions “Bear Soup” … Omigod!, and a short item on fashion designer Marc Jacobs’ new major ad campaign featuring two bearish men, makeup guru Dick Page and his husbear, James Gibbs, photographed by Juergen Teller. Backed by the vocal stylings of the bearish countertenor and international opera star, David Daniels.

Bear Soup # 16: U.S. Grant; PETA against bearskin caps; Scooter Libby; Rove at IML?; Jim “Tug” Taylor

Review of More Bear Cookin’; US Grant on the USD $50 bill; animal rights activists from PETA track Prince Charles and Camilla to urge end of bearskin caps on Palace guards; “Scooter” Libby writes of sicko sex with four-legged bears and young girls; Karl Rove seen at Mid-Atlantic Leather 2004 in DC; humpy pocketbear, Mr MAL 2004, Jim “Tug” Taylor.

Bear Soup # 7: Chest-hair insurance; IBR 2005: dinner with Chris Nelson; screening of “Bear Cub”; PAWS reading; Kinsey Sicks.

Chest-hair insurance; IBR 2005: dinner with Chris Nelson, ex-boyfriend, and cofounder and photographer of Bear magazine; film screening at IBR of “Bear Cub (Cachorro),” a Spanish film by bear director Miguel Albaladejo, and a movie review; PAWS reading, including readings by bear authors Jeff Mann, Joel Perry, Simon Sheppard, Raymond Luczac, performance artist Alan Reade, and Barth Cox’s short film, “Asking to See the Soul”; and a fabulous performance by dragapella musicians The Kinsey Sicks.