Bi Men: Coming Out Every Which Way

Bi Men: Coming Out Every Which Way

Edited by Ron Suresha & Pete Chvany
2006 Lambda Literary Award Finalist in Bisexual Literature
A moving and pioneering celebration of the male bisexual self that addresses biphobia in our society

Bi Men: Coming Out Every Which Way is a lively collection of over thirty moving personal essays from bisexual men and those who love them, a pioneering book that explores what it means to be bisexual in today's monosexually oriented society.

"A new anthology, called Bi Men: Coming Out Every Which Way, may be unique in that, as the title suggests, the focus is on men. Editors Ron Jackson Suresha and Pete Chvany have assembled a wide range of voices from various walks of life and in different stages of coming out. . . . Bi Men avoids socio-political exposition: presumably bisexuality need no longer be defined, theorized, or defended - or at least it's done so in the context of story. So the narratives in Bi Men drive the book, and they are by turns heart-breaking, soul-stirring, thought-provoking, and thoroughly queer-affirming. . . . Perhaps this book's greatest gift to the community is its illumination of the lives of men whose sexual identities are not pinned to points on a scale, not by social pressure, not by political expediency, not by fear. Like the spectrum of colors thrown on a bare wall by a crystal, a person's sexuality may shift and shimmer with time, and it's always the same person, and it's always gorgeous." - Lindsay Cobb, Out in the Mountains (Vermont)

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