Florence Chandler Maybrick topic of CT history radio interview

I discussed the life of Florence Chandler Maybrick on an episode of radio show host Mike Allen’s CT history podcast.

A few months back I gave an interview recalling the life of Florence Chandler Maybrick to radio show host Mike Allen for his CT history series focusing on places of interest around the state, Amazing Tales from Off and On Connecticut’s Beaten Path.

A.P. photo of Florence’s bed after her death.

Mike’s telling of Florence’s story in Amazing Tales went live in November, when I was squeezing in a bit of necessary travel and unable to give it a proper introduction, so now I want to share it here.

The episode (“Did a Connecticut Woman Murder Jack the Ripper?”) is on Mike’s podcast site. To hear and download the episode, you have several options. Mike asks that you go onto his main podcast website, at the link following this paragraph, and follow the podcast.

Amazing Tales from Off and On Connecticut‘s Beaten Path


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This episode, at 27 minutes (the longest one I’ve published) still can’t do justice to the full story.

Mike has now done several dozen episodes of Amazing Tales, and they are all worth giving a listen.

It was a pleasure sharing this bit of New Milford history with Mike, and he did an amazing job of getting to the bones of Florence’s biography.

FTR: my last name is pronounced with an ESS, not a SHH sound, as in SURname.

Stay safe, everyone.