It’s 2024 Already?

Is it 2024 already? Really?

Must be. One of my NY2024 resolutions is to catch up on some way overdue life, work, and play documentation in regards to my teeny tiny corner of the Web, meaning, the domains I own and run with WordPress, such as this one.

Spoutible, Threads, Post, & al, are new social media platforms I’m trying out. I will supply a whole lotta linkylove later this month.

“But we’re alone now, and I’m singing this song for you.” (As Leon sang to all of us.)

My big news is that the 206K-word manuscript on Florence Chandler Maybrick I’ve been working on is done and undergoing its beta readings and first complete revision.

I was graced with a surprise visit from two “Florence fans,” from the Isle of Wight in England. Julie and her husband Bill, pictured here at the site of Florence Chandler Maybrick’s home in Gaylordsville, were in the States visiting family in Connecticut.

Connecticut Magazine had just run a feature piece on Florence for their October issue that quoted me telling the latter part of her long story relating to her 23 years living here in New Milford.

Julie’s sister noticed the article and showed it to her when she and Fred arrived for a visit.

Julie sent a message to the Historical Society, which they forwarded to me. A connection was made, and so Julie and Bill came here to New Milford for a lovely time together.

We had tea and talked about everything #Maybrick #FlorenceMaybrick. I showed Julie and Bill the site of Florence Chandler Maybrick’s home in Gaylordsville, and they treated me to dinner at the Old Oak Tavern.

Julie is amazingly talented. She hand-sews period outfits for herself and Bill to wear for historical reenactments. In this video, Julie performs in character as Michael Maybrick’s cook in her own handmade period costume. In the video at 14:48, she recounts some of Michael and Laura Maybrick’s life on the Isle of Wight in the character of Laura’s friend. She also performs a splendid rendition of the MM hit song “The Holy City.”

It is gratifying to find others who believe in Florence’s innocence.

Also, Julie brought me an adorable handfelted red squirrel, who is acting as a reminder to look busy, It smiles at me while I do revisions on my desktop.

The photo is from October. Subsequently, I lost the glasses pictured here. If you see them, ping me?