Now in print! Mugs o’ Joy 20th Anniversary Edition

Now back in print! Mugs o’ Joy ~ 20th Anniversary Edition

Mugs o Joy 

Delicious Hot Drinks
front cover, Mugs o’ Joy

Mugs o’ Joy: Delicious Hot Drinks is a recipe book filled to the brim with instructions to make dozens of time-honored hot beverages from around the world, including many delectable variations.

Detailed directions show you how to prepare dozens of tasty traditional hot Coffee, Tea, Tisane, Cocoa, Punch, Nog, and Grog drinks and much more — there are even 39 varieties of International Coffee!

Plus tantalizing original concoctions certain to put a smile on your mug:

~ Oranginger Zinger    ~ Saffronia   

~ Hot Salted Malted Mocha

~ Mocha Bianco    ~ Cider Citrus Punch   

~ Hot Avalanche   ~ Hot Maple Mint Milk   

~ El Cacao Calor    ~ Nice Hawaiian Punch

First published in 1998, this new Twentieth Anniversary Edition of Mugs is thoroughly revised with new recipes and redesigned featuring photographs of miniature mugs in the author’s collection.

Ron J. Suresha is an award-winning author / editor of more than a dozen books of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, art, and folklore. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, he lives now in New Milford, Connecticut.