Bi Men: Table of Contents

Bi Men: Coming Out Every Which Way

Ron J. Suresha & Pete Chvany, editors

2006, Routledge


Foreword, by Dr. Fritz Klein, MD
Introduction: “The B Word” by Ron Jackson Suresha

Part One: Discovering a Bisexual Self

  • “Feed the Leviathan” by Hiram Ed Taylor
  • “Walking the Shifting Sands” by Andrew Milnes
  • “The Road to Reality” by Larry Lawton
  • “It’s a Life: Eriq Chang / Jim” Excerpt: In Your Face, Mary L. Gray, editor
  • “The Big Switch” by Steven James
  • “Learning to Look at Bisexuality” by Randy McDonald
  • “Coming to Terms” by Ron Jackson Suresha
  • “Is That Me Up There?” by Wayne Bryant

Part Two: Extending Bonds of Marriage & Family

  • “Bi and Large” by Jim Fenter
  • “A Candle Burning at Both Ends” by Alfred Corn
  • “Minus the Sexual” by Moss Stern
  • “Coming Out Successfully in the Netherlands” by Koen Brand. Excerpt: Journal of Bisexuality, vol. 1, 2/3, 2001
  • “Miniature Golf” by Marc Anders
  • “Long Journey Ahead” by Jason Large
  • “When the Head Is Separated from the Body” by Michael Gallardo
  • “Why Not Stay Married?” by J. “Mac” McRee Elrod

Part Three: Interacting in Evolving GLBTQ Communities

  • “Life among the Monosexuals” by Patrick Califia
  • “Half-and-half?” by Victor Raymond
  • “Thirty Years Out” by Woody Glenn
  • “Coming Out Swinging” by Gregg Lind
  • “To Fuck and Be Fucked” by Arch Brown
  • “Bicurious Husbands” Excerpt: Bisexual & Gay Husbands, Fritz Klein, MD, & Thomas Schwartz, eds.
  • “Slash Fiction and the Bi Male” by Raven Davies
  • “Magic Man” by Julz
  • “Mission: Lighten Up” by Pete Chvany
  • “Bi Today, Bi Tomorrow” by John Egan
  • “Adam’s Treehouse” by Adam Ben-Hur

Part Four: Bridge-building in Bisexual Spirit

  • “Choosing Not To” by Michael Ambrosino. Excerpt: Bi Any Other Name, Lorraine Hutchins & Lani Ka’ahumanu, eds.
  • “Ex Exodus” by Ed Boland
  • “Loving without Limits” by Bob Vance. Excerpt: Men and Intimacy, Franklin Abbott, ed.
  • “Whereto, My Beloved?” by Ganapati S. Durgadas. Excerpt: Blessed Bi Spirit, Debra Kolodny, ed.
  • “The Sparrow Sings” by Angus West
  • “Beyond Bisexuality” by Marco Vassi. Excerpt: The Erotic Comedies (Sections III–V), by M. Vassi
  • “Liquid Ritual” by Chuck Greenheart Bradley

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