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    Ron J. Suresha
    is a Lambda Literary Award finalist for his anthologies, Bi Men: Coming out (2006) and Bisexual Perspectives on the Life and Work of Alfred C. Kinsey (2010).
    His most recent book, coauthored with Scott McGillivray, is FUR: THE LOVE OF HAIR, from German publisher Bruno Gmünder. He also authored a collection of Turkish folk Tales, The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin, , which was named a Storytelling World Honor Book.
    Suresha self-published his first book, Mugs o' Joy: Delicious Hot Drinks, when he was 39. In 2002, he authored his first trade softcover, the nonfiction Bears on Bears: Interviews & Discussions. Under the name R. Jackson, he has edited the anthologies Bi Guys: The deliciousness of his sex (also a "Lammy" finalist), Bearotica, Bear Lust, Bears in the Wild, and Tales from the Den, published by Bear Bones Books, a Lethe imprint for which he serves as Acquisitions Editor. He also solo hosts and produces an occasional podcast for the adult men's Bear community, Bear Soup, which runs on BearRadio.net Monday & Wednesdays 10pm Eastern / Pacific.
  • Short fiction submissions sought: Bi Guys, volume 2

    Posted By on January 2, 2015

    Bi Guys, volume 2

    Firsthand Fiction for Bisexual Men and Their Admirers

    R. Jackson, editor
    Lethe Press
    Call for short story (fiction) submissions


    Everyone knows that Bi Guys make the best lovers, because of the range and depth of their sexual experiences. But not everyone knows that Bi Guys also make the sexiest fiction anthologies.

    In 2006, the first groundbreaking collection of bi men’s erotic writing came out, and was subsequently named a Lambda Literary Awards finalist. Now the same editor of Bi Guys is seeking original submissions for a second volume of bi-rotic fiction for bisexual men and everyone who loves them.

    We are once again bringing together a unique collection of outstanding sensual writing about the bi male sexual experience. This is bisexual-themed erotica with a decidedly masculine viewpoint, erotica with undeniable male heat, erotica you won’t soon forget!

    We’re looking for memorable stories of bi/poly/pan male sex, love, romance, family, and community from 3,500 to 7,000 words long (firm upper limit — sorry, but if you can’t tell your story in less than 7K words, it’s not for us). Genres are open: settings may be contemporary, historical, mythical, or fantastic, but the central male character(s) must be bisexual.

    We especially welcome strong stories that express ethnic/racial/gender diversity in its characters.

    BiG Lethe frcoverTo learn the particular type of short fiction we seek, please familiarize yourself with the first volume of Bi Guys: follow this link to see the book on Amazon and use their free Look Inside the Book function to read a few stories. Better yet, buy the book, read all the stories, and then write us a compelling and completely unique story.

    Payment per word for original work: 2 cents ($0.02 USD), payable after publication. Previously published stories and book excerpts accepted at half the original rate: please include complete prior publication information. All contributors will receive one gratis copy of the softcover book.

    Proposed timeline (subject to change):

    • Contributor confirmation / story synopsis requested by         September 1, 2015
    • First story drafts requested by         October 1, 2014
    • Final story drafts due by      November 1, 2015
    • Contributor contracts issued by        January 1, 2016
    • Publication release date:        March 1, 2016

    Send synopsis or story submissions, along with complete author contact information (including your legal name (and pseudonym, if you choose to use one), complete mailing address, telephone number(s), and email address; and author biography <75 words, to:

    bearsoup AT gmail Dotcom, and ron.wolfbear AT gmail.com.


    About the editor: R. Jackson is editor of several groundbreaking collections of men’s erotic fiction, including:

    • Bearotica (published by Bear Bones Books)
    • Bear Lust (published by Bear Bones Books)
    • Bears in the Wild (published by Bear Bones Books)
    • Bi Guys: The Deliciousness of His Sex (published by Lethe Press)
    • Tales from the Den: Wild & Weird Stories for Bears (published by Bear Bones Books)

    “Coming to Terms” excerpt

    Posted By on April 30, 2015

    The following is an excerpt from my essay, “Coming to Terms,” published in the nonfiction anthology, Bi Men: Coming Out (2005, Haworth/Routledge). All rights reserved.

    Bi Men: Coming Out cover

    Bi Men: Coming Out cover

    Coming to Terms
    by Ron J. Suresha

    *   *    *

    Cancer dramatically evolved my relationship with my body and sexuality. Suddenly I detached from my body and became aware of its neutrality of desire: it seemed that it wasn’t necessarily my body that preferred men to women, it was my mental state — a kind of misogyny or gynophobia that my gay experiences reinforced. Regardless of the reasons in my past for my previously exclusive homosexual preference, I no longer felt I had the luxury of time to exclude any possibilities in the future.
    At the Lambda Literary Conference in nearby Provincetown, Mass., in October 2003, just a few weeks after my surgery, I met a man, Rocco, who came into my life and swept me off my feet. I was skeptical of his reaction when I eventually told him about my newly discovered bisexuality, but quickly I saw how he completely embraced and supported my process. Although I’ve gotten some dubious reactions from various folks when I’ve mentioned my bisexuality, every person in my life who matters has affirmed and supported my decision. What ultimately matters, though, is how I perceive and bless my own process.
    My second coming-out experience corresponded to an entirely new vision of my body while I experienced my father’s death, sold my house and moved twice in 10 months, underwent cancer surgery and radiation treatment (entirely effective, I’m happy to add), and meeting and falling in love with my partner. The pain of coming out again has proven in many ways more positive than my first arduous process of self-discovery as a homo, but just as intense, if not moreso.
    Coming out – whether gay, lesbian, bi, or trans – is a complex metaphor for self-discovery and life actualization. To come out means to declare oneself non-heterosexual, and queers one’s world in a truthful, positive way – though admittedly it’s not the sole means of attaining a queer sensibility. Coming out from gay to bi is part of my life’s journey, just as a straight man would feel that coming out as bi or gay is part of his. For some gay men coming out a second time as bisexual, such as myself, we are simply expanding the way in which we queer the world.
    It saddens me so many gay, lesbian, and straight folks have marginalized bisexuals, transpeople, intersexed, and other queer non-monosexual folks. I am shamed at my own prejudice, that’s for sure. How dare I expect acceptance from others if I can’t affirm everyone’s sexuality? If I disparage others’ sexual and gender expression, and reinforce old stereotypes and prejudices — especially if I already know the difficulty of coming out — I need to take a good, long, hard look at myself. What difference does it make from where we come if we agree that we’re all heading in the same direction?
    Evolving consciously to transform a central aspect of one’s personality requires incredible inner strength, compassion, and self-relection. Bisexual and transgendered folks understand what it means to grow a sexual vocabulary that can describe worlds of acceptance and transcendence, of which many non-monosexuals might only dream.
    Coming to terms with my sexuality has taken a long time coming, a clearing process that has taken its own good time to unfold and which is far from over. It’s a joy, and still somewhat scary, to think that after 30 years of gay male sex, that I have a whole new sexual universe to explore. Accepting myself as bisexual allows me to broaden a vocabulary with which I can meaningfully describe my world and interact with the whole of humanity. The winding road which I have been paving seemingly by myself, one yellow brick at a time, has joined up to a path where many other men who, in whatever manner think of themselves as bisexual or otherwise act bisexually, walk toward a profound goal.

    Bi Men: Coming Out on Amazon

    Routledge releases paperback edition of Bisexual Perspectives on Kinsey

    Posted By on February 14, 2015

    Now available in softcover from Routledge/Taylor & Francis, the 2008 Lammy finalist book on the Kinsey Sexagennial.
    Bi Perspectives on Kinsey

    KNS2 Routledge softcover

    Bisexual Perspectives on the Life and Work

    of Alfred C. Kinsey

    Ron J. Suresha, editor

    The books commonly known as the Kinsey Report were Dr Alfred C. Kinsey’s monumental scientific publishing achievement in 1948, often compared to the atomic bomb for its impact on the American public. On the sexagennial anniversary of the publication of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, this book focuses on Alfred C. Kinsey’s work and life. Sixteen chapters consider the Kinsey legacy, tracing the development of modern American bisexuality, and posing an intriguing and illuminating look at many aspects of bisexuality in Kinsey’s life as depicted and lived in popular biographical culture and media.

    Contributors to this stellar collection of outstanding writing include the final surviving member of Kinsey’s original research team, Dr Paul H. Gebhard, PhD, as well as leading names in the fields of sex research, GLBTIQA activism, and bisexual writing.

    This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of Bisexuality and was a Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Excellence in Bisexual Literature.

    Order the softcover or hardcover book from Routledge here.

    Like Bisexual Perspectives on the Life and Work of Alfred C. Kinsey on Facebook here.


    Bisexual Perspectives on the Life and Work of Alfred C. Kinsey

    1. Introduction  Ron Jackson Suresha


    2. Kinsey and Beyond: Past, Present, and Future Considerations for Research on Male Bisexuality  Brian Dodge, Michael Reece, and Paul H. Gebhard

    3. Bisexuality in the Kinsey-Klein Continuum: An Interview With Kinsey Institute Scholar Dr. John Bancroft  Jonathan Alexander and Ron Jackson Suresha

    4. Kinsey and the Case for Bisexual Civil Rights: An Interview with Yale Legal Scholar Kenji Yoshino  Ron Jackson Suresha and Jonathan Alexander

    5. “Properly Placed before the Public”: Publication and Translation of the Kinsey Reports  Ron Jackson Suresha


    6. Kinsey and the Politics of Bisexual Authenticity  Jennifer E. Germon

    7. The Kinsey Scale and the Pashtun: The Role of Culture in Measuring Sexual Orientation  William E. Burleson

    8. Kinsey, Bisexuality, and the Case Against Dualism  Stephanie Fairyington

    9. Encountering Kinsey Confidentially: A Sexagennial Walkabout of Kinsey’s Bloomington  Ron Jackson Suresha

    10. Daughter of Kinsey  Carol Queen


    11. Moving Closer to the Middle: Kinsey the Movie, and Its Rocky Road to Bisexual Acceptance  Mike Szymanski

    12. The Science of Sex: T. C. Boyle on his Inner Circle, Alfred Kinsey, and the Fine Line Between Fact and Fiction  David L. Ulin

    13. Between Red Covers  (Fiction)  Jay Neal

    14. Let’s Read about (Bi)Sex: A Kinsey Bisexuality Reading/Viewing List  Ron Jackson Suresha


    Paperback: $48.95   978-0-415-85274-6   February 9th 2015

    Hardback: $135.00   978-0-415-87175-4   November 12th 2009

    Originally published 2008 by Haworth/Harrington Park Press

    150 Reasons Why We Have Not Yet Reached Peak Beard

    Posted By on January 13, 2015

    150 Reasons Why We Have Not Yet Reached Peak Beard

    The demise of the Beard has been vastly overstated.

    Hirsute taste-makers were put on notice last April in a Guardian Australia article, “Fashion-conscious men warned we may have reached ‘peak beard’.” The piece cited research by the University of New South Wales in Sydney that concluded: when you’re shown a succession of images of bearded men, clean-shaven guys become more attractive to you.

    No big hairy surprise there, but the headline’s prediction of calamity to “fashion-conscious” men who are enjoying letting their face freak flag fly was clearly an absurd ruse meant to mislead people. “Watch out,” the pogonophobes seem to shriek, waving their razors and clippers and every other epilator known to the huge hair-removal industry, “you endangered beardos, your time is up! May as well get out those clippers and razors right now and do what we fasionistas demand must be the end of the trend of the beardly man.”

    The researcher admitted, “it was hard to tell how the experiment related to the real world” despite his conclusion that “the fashion for beards might be reaching its zenith.”

    For those of us observing this trend in the real world, any cursory scan of cable TV programming will demonstrate that there is no evidence that consumers and the ad agencies that love them are suffering from beard or mustache fatigue. To the point, when multimillion-dollar ad campaigns increasingly place male actors with facial hair into prominence, any claim that we have reached “peak beard” must be considered premature. Some, like Old Spice, even put ridiculous fake beards on their pitchmen (they couldn’t find a guy with a real beard? Really?).HGV6 Beards_OldSpice

    Following is a list of major brands that used beards to sell their products and services over the past 14 weeks, everything from household gadgets to luxury cars, with links to some of the 365+ images on my Pinterest board, Beards on TV Ads. From AARP to Zzzquil, a huge market still defies the pogonophobes and hair-naysayers. Images of man-fur, fuzzy-faced men, and beards continue to mature and develop in pop culture, as evidenced by the cold hard cash that these corporations are willing to part with to support the continuing appeal of poilus.

    AARP. Absolut. Acura. Aflac. Aleve. Alka-Seltzer. Allstate. American Express. Amica. Android. Android Tracfone. Angie’s List. Appleby’s. AT&T. Audi. Bayer. BMW. Booking.com. Brother. Bud Light. Cadillac. Campbell’s. Capital One. Cascade. Chase. Cheerios. Cigna. Cîroc. Cheetos. Chevy. Coke. Coors. Corona. Crest. CSX. CVSHealth. Dawn. Depend. Delta. Denny’s. Dewars. DirecTV. Discover Card. Dodge. Dollar Shave Club. Doritos. Dos Equis, “The Most Interesting Man in the World.” Duluth Trading Co. Dunkin’ Donuts. eHarmony. Eliquis. FedEx. Fiber One. Ford. Frosted Mini-Wheats. Gatorade. GE. Geico. GoGurt. Google. GrubHub. H&R Block, sponsor of the 2012 Washington, DC “Million Mustache March.” Heineken. Hewlett-Packard. Honda. Hotels.com, “Captain Obvious.” Hulu. Humira. IHOP. Infiniti. Jack Daniels. Jameson. Just for Men for Beards. KFC. Kia. KitKat. Laser Spine Institute. Legal Zoom. Lexus. Liberty Mutual. Lincoln. Lipton. Little Caesars Pizza. L.L. Bean. MasterCard. McDonald’s. Men’s Wearhouse. Mercedes-Benz. Microsoft Cloud. Miller. Mio. Motorola. National Car Rental. Nestle’s. Nexium. Nicorette. Nike. Nintendo. Nissan Altima. Ocuvite. Office Depot. Oxyclean, the late great Billy Mays. Pizza Hut. Priceline. Prilosec. Progressive. Prudential. Ram trucks. Realtors. Sabra. Safelite. Salonpas. Sam Adams. Samsung Galaxy. Silk. Skittles. Smirnoff, “Okay, beardo.” Smith & Forge. Sony. Sprint. Sprint Framily Plan. “More beard!” State Farm. Subaru. Subway. T-Mobile. Taco Bell. TD Ameritrade. The North Face. Toshiba. Totino’s. Toyota. TrueCar. Tullamore Dew. Tums. Tylenol. University of Phoenix. UPS. Verizon. Viagra. Vistaprint. Vizio. VW. Wallet Ninja. Wendy’s. Whole Foods Market. Xarelto. Xeljanz. Zillow. Zzzquil.

    Dr. Kevin Clarke, the author of Beards: An Unshaven History, pointed out in an interview “how three very different groups of people adopted beards after 2001 for very different reasons, but collectively inspired the world to grow back big old-fashioned beards.” These groups are gay/bi bears, cowboy fashion renaissance post-9/11, and “asexual hipsters, adopting the Taliban beard as an anti-establishment statement, but eliminating its political implications.”

    Four beardy dudes in Android Trackphone ad.

    Four beardy dudes in Android Trackphone ad.

    American ad agencies are arguably more “real world” than the UNSW research study sample of 1,453 bisexual or heterosexual women and 213 straight men (exclusion of gay and bi men and lesbians should raise doubts as to the legitimacy of the study methodology). The study also noticed a reverse effect, in which people shown a succession of clean-shaven images found that bearded or scruffy men became more attractive; however, this shaven-face fatigue factor in the study is conveniently ignored when proclaiming that the Beard is dead, long live the Beard.

    Bearders are gonna beard, shavers are gonna shave, but even in a post-Whisker Wars world, clearly lumbersexuality is on the rise and peak beard is not yet within sight. As far as the pogonophiles are concerned, there is still ample room for the beard to grow and flourish.


    Hibernation wins two top Rainbow Book Awards

    Posted By on December 9, 2014

    Hibernation and other poems wins two Rainbow Book Awards

    Hibernation, and other poems by bear bards has earned the top Rainbow Book Award this year in both the LGBT Poetry and Bisexuality categories.

    HIB Hibernation Suresha frcoverCongratulations to esteemed bear bards and contributors David Bergman, Albert Skip Brushaber, Alfred Corn, Michael G. Cornelius, Wayne Courtois-Seligman, Bob Cunningham, Jameson Currier, Lewis DeSimone, Gavin Geoffrey Dillard, Charles Flowers, Jack Fritscher, John Genest, Scott Rex Hightower, Charlie Hopwood, Daniel M. Jaffe, David Juhren, Owen Keehnen, Daniel Lewiston / David Gerard, Raymond Luczak, Ed Madden, Jeff Mann, Stephen Mead, Ron Mohring, Miguel M Morales, Jay Neal / Jeff Shaumeyer, Felice Picano, C.D. Reade, Dennis Rhodes, Rocco Russo, Gregg Shapiro, Jordan Shu, Jay Starre, Jim Stewart, Dan Stone, Shawn Syms, Chris Vaccaro, Jeff Walt, Scott Wiggerman, Randy Wyatt, and Emanuel Xavier!

    Thanks also to Steve Berman and Toby Johnson of Lethe Press, and to YogaBear Studio for the stunning cover photo.


    Check out Ron’s interview, discussing Hibernation, on the Cubs Out Loud podcast, from November 9th, 2014: http://cubsoutloud.com/?p=2206


    Get Hibernation on Amazon

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    Strobing Limelight interviews Ron J. Suresha on Extraordinary Adventures

    Posted By on October 20, 2014

    Strobing Limelight interviews Ron J. Suresha on Extraordinary Adventures

    Reprinted from https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/2013968-strobing-limelight-interviews-ron-j-suresha

    XNS frcoverfinalmedh/t to Gavin Atlas


    Ron J. Suresha is an award-winning author and editor of more than a dozen books, most recently, EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF MULLAH NASRUDDIN: NAUGHTY, UNEXPURGATED TALES OF THE BELOVED WISE FOOL FROM THE MIDDLE AND FAR EAST, published by Lethe Press. The book is the much-anticipated sequel to Suresha’s first, award-winning collection of Turkish folk tales. He lives in central-western Connecticut. Mr. Suresha, please tell us more.

    Ron J. Suresha: Thanks for asking. Extraordinary Adventures is a collection of more than 250 hilarious and completely authentic stories about the famous wise fool, Mullah Nasruddin. For more than eight centuries, this beloved character has been known in many countries by various names, including Afanti, Nastratin, Djuha, Giufá, Sheikh Nasruddin, Abu Nuwas, and, in Turkey, which claims him as a native, he is known as Nasreddin Hoca.

    LS: How did you come to be acquainted with Mullah Nasruddin?

    RJS: My mother had told me as a child some of the pithier jokes, usually to point out some aspect of my contrary behavior: “Why do you always answer a question with a question?” “Do I?” Fast forward to the 1980s, when for more than eight years I lived in a yoga ashram, and heard many more Nasruddin stories, which my teachers and fellow students included in daily lectures and discussions on spiritual life.

    LS: You’re not Turkish, so why did you decide to do a retelling of Nasruddin stories?

    RJS: Sufi writer Idries Shah had published several volumes of stories in the 1960s, but there had not been a comprehensive, modern retelling in English of the most popular stories since. The first book, The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin, published by Lethe Press in 2011, has more than 365 stories, and was honored with an Anne Izard Storyteller’s Choice Award and a Storytelling World Honor.

    LS: Congratulations. So, does the new book present more of the same or something different?

    RJS: Yes. I mean, both! Although the first book included some ribald jokes, most were written for a general readership. Extraordinary Adventures of Mullah Nasruddin has all the bawdy material excluded from the first work, plus many additional non-bawdy stories I unearthed while researching the folklore. So there’s more of the same, with dozens of new stories retold in English for the first time.

    LS: What is the readership for this book?

    RJS: Storytellers, folklorists, comedians, wisdom seekers, readers interested in Middle East culture and world literature — and everyone who loves to laugh.

    LS: Where did you locate these stories?

    RJS: Other than the Shah books, I obtained a number of Nasruddin story collections in English primarily oriented to young readers while visiting Turkey. Then I discovered additional books in French, Spanish, Hebrew, German, and Turkish. Finally, I was able to access scholarly writing on Nasruddin, including articles and theses that included many of the previously suppressed stories dealing with taboo topics.

    LS: Really? You didn’t make up any of these stories or jokes?

    RJS: Not a one. Indeed, every single story is completely genuine according to sources that are listed in the book’s extensive bibliography. I’ve taken very little artistic license with the storylines, though I’ve modernized and unadulterated the language.

    LS: What do you mean by “unadulterated’?

    Suresha2103DelhiRJS: Meaning, I call a spade a spade. In one academic source written in 1957, with stories presented in Arabic and Turkish and translated into English, a particular Turkish term translated often as “my good woman” was actually a common slur against women. The profane language in the stories here is commensurate with that used in the original source materials.

    The great American poet Walt Whitman wrote, “The dirtiest book of all is the expurgated book.” Extraordinary Adventures of Mullah Nasruddin, as it says in the subtitle, is unexpurgated: all the content previously considered objectionable and removed has been restored. As well, stories dealing with racial and ethnic prejudice, abuse, and violence are included. So the book is decidedly inappropriate for children, but adults will find a lot to laugh at in these pages.

    LS: What topics do the tales deal with?

    RJS: The stories follow Nasruddin as he regularly interacts with his wife, family, donkey, village, and strangers in his travels. Some deal with sexual situations, but often the humor is found in the character’s foolish behavior, as if to warn, “Don’t behave like this.” If I were to draw two overlapping circles, one denoting “stories that are very funny” and another “stories that are really *wrong* (politically incorrect), there would be a significant overlap.

    LS: Finally, can you tell us your favorite Nasruddin story?

    RJS: Not really, in this format, because my favorites are several pages long but here’s a short one:

    One day, Nasruddin was sitting idly on a riverbank when a fellow approached. From the other side of the water, the stranger called out, “Say, Mullah, how do I get across the river?” Without looking up, Nasruddin simply replied, “You are across.”

    LS: How can readers find out more about these books as well as your other work?

    RJS: Head over to MullahNasruddin.com to discover more about these books and to read story excerpts, to my website RonSuresha.com, and to LethePressBooks.com.

    Extraordinary Adventures of Mullah Nasruddin — now in print!

    Posted By on September 11, 2014

    Now in print!

    Extraordinary Adventures of Mullah Nasruddin

    Naughty, unexpurgated stories of the beloved wise fool from the Middle and Far East

    collected & retold by Ron J. Suresha

    published by Lethe Press

    XNS frcoverfinalmedThe mullah rides his donkey again!

    This much-anticipated sequel to the award-winning folklore collection detailing the exploits of the beloved 800-year-old Turkish “wise fool,” Mullah Nasruddin (Nasreddin Hoca), presents well over 250 hilarious, authentic folk tales, dozens appearing in English for the first time.

    Author Suresha has done extensive research to unearth and retell these centuries-old “naughty Nasruddin” stories from around the globe. These ribald tales depict the Mullah as he daily interacts with his family, donkey, community, and strangers during his journeys. Many tales, previously suppressed for moralistic reasons, explore taboo themes. Mature readers will be amused and amazed by this unadulterated account of the truly Extraordinary Adventures of Mullah Nasruddin.


    ISBN-13: 978-1-59021-464-1 ~ ISBN-10: 1-59021-464-0

    Lethe Press, October 2014

    lethe logo_back

    Softcover: 208 pages • Includes glossary and bibliography

    ISBN-10: 1-59021-464-1 • ISBN-13: 978-1-59021-464-0 • eISBN: 978-1-59021-465-7

    Softcover: $20.00 USD • ebook, $9.99


    Categories: Humor / Folklore / World Literature / Middle Eastern Studies


     Where to get Extraordinary Adventures of Mullah Nasruddin

    Buy the book in softcover or digital formats directly from the Publisher here.

    Distributed by: Baker & Taylor, Ingram

    Also available for Kindle, iBook, PDF download, and all electronic book formats.

    Order the book from Amazon here.

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