Books in Day’s local author roundup

Local authors release new tomes, The Day 02/26/2010

In Rick Koster’s roundup of books by local authors:

Our local writers have been busy – no doubt the bleak mid-winter affords plenty of time to wax inspirationally over a computer keyboard.

Here are some new publications from authors in the region. …

“Bisexual Perspectives on the Life and Work of Alfred C. Kinsey” by Ron J. Suresha (Routledge, 168 pages, $125) – This is a har[d]cover reissue – with new material – of the book nominated for the 2008 Lambda Awards for Excellence in Bisexual Literature.

Also a revised edition from Suresha: “Bears On Bears: Interviews and Discussion” (Lethe Press/Bear Bones, 328 pages, $25) – Five new interviews are included on this examination of a gay and bi men’s subculture.

Of course most of these books were not likely written during “the bleak mid-winter.” But it sounds romantic…