New RJS anthology in April: Hibernation, and other poems

Soon in print — the first ever bear poetry anthology — during National Poetry Month!


and Other Poems by Bear Bards

Ron J. Suresha, editor

Hibernation, front cover [not final].
Hibernation, front cover [not final]. Photography by Yogabear Studio.

In April 2014, during National Poetry Month, Bear Bones Books proudly presents Hibernation, and Other Poems by Bear Bards, a smart, sexy, eclectic poetry collection written by and for gay and bisexual men of the bearish persuasion and edited by Ron J. Suresha.

Predominantly in free verse, these wide-ranging poems address all aspects of contemporary (two-legged) bearish life: changing standards of masculinity, male romance and lust, maturing men’s body issues, and what it means to live and love within the worldwide bi and gay male bear community. The poems are sometimes introspective, sometimes erotic, sometimes amusing — but they’re all well-crafted glimpses of the bear experience.

This thoughtful, fun, and moving book features more than 100 poems by 40 esteemed authors, including David Bergman and Albert Skip Brushaber, whose eponymous poems give this anthology its title, plus noted writers Alfred C. Corn, Jameson Currier, Gavin Geoffrey Dillard, Jack Fritscher, Daniel M. Jaffe, Raymond Luczak, Ron Mohring, Felice Picano, Jay Starre, Jim Stewart, Dan Stone, and Emanuel Xavier and many fine poems from other fine contributors from around the U.S. and Canada.

Poetry lovers and bear-loving men alike will appreciate the diverse range of contemporary masculine voices in Hibernation, and other poems by bear bards.


David Bergman ~ Albert Skip Brushaber ~ Alfred C. Corn ~ Michael G. Cornelius ~ Wayne Courtois ~ Bob “Brutus” Cunningham ~ Jameson Currier ~ Lewis DeSimone ~ Gavin Geoffrey Dillard ~ Charles Flowers ~ Jack Fritscher ~ John Genest ~ Scott Hightower ~ Charlie Hopwood ~ Daniel M. Jaffe ~ David Juhren ~ Owen Keehnen ~ Daniel Lewiston ~ Raymond Luczak ~ Ed Madden ~ Jeff Mann ~ Stephen Mead ~ Ron Mohring ~ Miguel M. Morales ~ Jay Neal ~ Felice Picano ~ C.D. Reade ~ Dennis Rhodes ~ Rocco Russo ~ Gregg Shapiro ~ Jordan M. Shu ~ Jay Starre ~ Jim Stewart ~ Dan Stone ~ Shawn Syms ~ Chris Vaccaro ~ Jeff Walt ~ Scott Wiggerman ~ Randy Wyatt ~ Emanuel Xavier

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About the editor

Author or editor of more than a dozen books, Hibernation editor Ron J. Suresha is a three-time Lambda Literary Award Finalist for his anthologies on bisexual men, winner of a Rainbow Book Award for his nonfiction book, Fur: The Love of Hair, and recipient of both a Storytelling World Honor and the Anne Izard Storytellers’ Choice Award for his collection of Turkish folk tales, The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin. In high school and college, Suresha won several local awards for his poetry; later he was director of an Ann Arbor, Mich., poetry reading series and organized a complete, continuous public reading of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. Suresha, who is co-founder and acquisitions editor of the Bear Bones Books imprint of Lethe Press, lives with his husband in New Milford, Connecticut.

Hibernation, And Other Poems by Bear Bards
edited by Ron J. Suresha
Bear Bones Books
April 15, 2014
ISBN: 978-15902-1-259-2
eISBN: 1-59021-265-7
Categories: Poetry, GLBTQ Literature
Distributed by: Baker & Taylor, Ingram
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Hibernation and other poems by bear bards


Fundly page for Hibernation

Do you feel strongly (as we do) that there should be a bear poetry anthology? Poetry books do not make money, nor do many poetry anthologies. Do you believe that the bear community should have its own arts and literature? Do you want to support an effort to bring together a collective group of outstanding writers who identify with the bear community?

Then please consider dropping a few bucks in the Hibernation and other poems fundraising campaign to help offset expenses for the editorial, production, publication, and marketing of the book.