Routledge releases paperback edition of Bisexual Perspectives on Kinsey

Now available in softcover from Routledge/Taylor & Francis, the 2008 Lammy finalist book on the Kinsey Sexagennial.
Bi Perspectives on Kinsey
KNS2 Routledge softcover

Bisexual Perspectives on the Life and Work

of Alfred C. Kinsey

Ron J. Suresha, editor

The books commonly known as the Kinsey Report were Dr Alfred C. Kinsey’s monumental scientific publishing achievement in 1948, often compared to the atomic bomb for its impact on the American public. On the sexagennial anniversary of the publication of Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, this book focuses on Alfred C. Kinsey’s work and life. Sixteen chapters consider the Kinsey legacy, tracing the development of modern American bisexuality, and posing an intriguing and illuminating look at many aspects of bisexuality in Kinsey’s life as depicted and lived in popular biographical culture and media.

Contributors to this stellar collection of outstanding writing include the final surviving member of Kinsey’s original research team, Dr Paul H. Gebhard, PhD, as well as leading names in the fields of sex research, GLBTIQA activism, and bisexual writing.

This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of Bisexuality and was a Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Excellence in Bisexual Literature.

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Bisexual Perspectives on the Life and Work of Alfred C. Kinsey

1. Introduction  Ron Jackson Suresha


2. Kinsey and Beyond: Past, Present, and Future Considerations for Research on Male Bisexuality  Brian Dodge, Michael Reece, and Paul H. Gebhard

3. Bisexuality in the Kinsey-Klein Continuum: An Interview With Kinsey Institute Scholar Dr. John Bancroft  Jonathan Alexander and Ron Jackson Suresha

4. Kinsey and the Case for Bisexual Civil Rights: An Interview with Yale Legal Scholar Kenji Yoshino  Ron Jackson Suresha and Jonathan Alexander

5. “Properly Placed before the Public”: Publication and Translation of the Kinsey Reports  Ron Jackson Suresha


6. Kinsey and the Politics of Bisexual Authenticity  Jennifer E. Germon

7. The Kinsey Scale and the Pashtun: The Role of Culture in Measuring Sexual Orientation  William E. Burleson

8. Kinsey, Bisexuality, and the Case Against Dualism  Stephanie Fairyington

9. Encountering Kinsey Confidentially: A Sexagennial Walkabout of Kinsey’s Bloomington  Ron Jackson Suresha

10. Daughter of Kinsey  Carol Queen


11. Moving Closer to the Middle: Kinsey the Movie, and Its Rocky Road to Bisexual Acceptance  Mike Szymanski

12. The Science of Sex: T. C. Boyle on his Inner Circle, Alfred Kinsey, and the Fine Line Between Fact and Fiction  David L. Ulin

13. Between Red Covers  (Fiction)  Jay Neal

14. Let’s Read about (Bi)Sex: A Kinsey Bisexuality Reading/Viewing List  Ron Jackson Suresha


Paperback: $48.95   978-0-415-85274-6   February 9th 2015

Hardback: $135.00   978-0-415-87175-4   November 12th 2009

Originally published 2008 by Haworth/Harrington Park Press