thinking of leaving the Divided States of America and fleeing to Amsterdam?

If you're considering a move to somewhere where GLBTQ folks are about to be outlawed? Everyone is invited to join progessives in the Ocean State!

I am really proud that lil' ol' Rhode Island not only turned out its 4 electoral votes for Kerry, we kept all our national legistative seats, and gained Dem seats on the state and local levels.

Rhode Island may be the first state to forward-legislate gay marriage – as opposed to Mass., where the judiciary forced the state to allow gay marriage. Providence is the largest USA city and only state capitol with an openly gay mayor.

And gays/bis can indeed get married in Massachusetts, even if you don't live there. My husbear and I did last month. I won't give details here but write if you're curious how we did that.

Providence is a culturally vibrant and ethnically diverse area in a progressive state that has proven one of the most resilient against Bushonomics.

I am a proud Providemocrat.