Bear Soup #60: “Fur-runners”

Bear Soup, with Ron SureshaBear Soup #60

Bear Soup, episode #60, streams online tonight, Monday, December 14th, at 10:00pm Eastern & Pacific on Repeats Wednesday, same times. In this edition of Bear Soup:

  • Excerpt from the Lewis Merrick story, “Fur-runner” — very hot and hairy fiction from Spunqdaddy’s Book Nook that is NSFW
  • A reading from “Bear Bodies, Bear Masculinity” in Peter Hennen’s Faeries, Bears & Leathermen
  • A short but significant excerpt from the lead article in my anthology, Bisexual Perspectives on Kinsey.
  • All the guys nominated for Best Bear Podcast/Blog are doing a fabulous job. The furry woodland creatures at Bear Soup invite all the manbloggers to join us in the BS Hot Tub any time! Clothing optional.
  • Ruminations on being “Bear of the Year 2008”
  • Another appeal to bearclubs to do environmental fundraising.
  • Shoutouts, and the usual ursine audio bear circuit party.

We’re locked and loaded for what-otter . . . so drop in for a brand new BEAR SOUP!

Bear Soup is sponsored by the bibliobears at Bear Bones Books.

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